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  • Making the decision to replace the windows in your home is a major one; it’s not something that most homeowners do in haste. They take their time, measure their options, and try to determine what the best approach is. There are some things that you should consider when it comes to replacement windows that could make a significant difference, not only in the quality of the windows that you choose, but also in the overall value that you get from this home improvement project.

    Remember that it IS a home improvement project

    There are certain aspects of home improvement that are more obvious than others. Remodeling your kitchen, for example, is generally something that most homeowners can agree upon as being an improvement related project. Renovating the bathroom is another one. Adding a deck or patio to the outside of your home will also be yet one more concept that easily falls into home improvement.

    However, for some reason, replacement windows is thought of more often as an expense rather than an improvement based project. It’s important that you think about replacement windows in this manner.


    Basically, whenever you think about a major project in terms of home improvement, the homeowner will tend to take more time with the decision, and be willing to invest in the right products, rather than trying to save money on the outset. For those living in Northbrook, or anywhere else in the northern Chicago region, replacement windows is a vital component of improving the value of your home.

    Saving money versus saving MONEY

    Let’s talk a bit about some of the things that you, as a homeowner in Northbrook, will likely face when beginning your journey into replacement windows.

    You’re going to notice that windows can be quite expensive, depending on any number of factors, including the size of the windows, glazing, insulation, and style. Your first instinct might be to save as much money as you can on replacement windows for your home, so you’re going to look to price first and foremost.

    That is a significant mistake that you should try to avoid. You’re not shopping around for a bedroom set for your children or for a tea pot. You are looking to make a home improvement in your home and the decision that you make could impact how much money you end up saving over the life of your home, and the windows.

    Let’s look at an example. You could certainly head down to your local Home improvement outlet with the blue or orange logo and find any number of basic windows for your home. These might cost about $140 per double hung window, for example. Then you might head over to a window replacement expert and notice that their bottom line price for the same style of window, but a different brand, is twice that price. The choice is obvious, right?

    Not so fast.

    If you choose the cheaper windows, you’re ending up with what’s known as an entry level or new construction window. This is what contractors tend to use for new homes. Why? Because they are cheap and contractors or builders are looking to save as much money on the materials so that they can maximize their profits.

    Now, that $140 window won’t boost the value of your home, not like a better, more efficient and higher quality window will. You might end up saving 12 percent on your home heating and cooling expenses with that window, but with the more expensive brand from the local window replacement expert, you could have saved more than 30 percent, for example. When you do the math, you will quickly understand that the savings you get from those better windows can equal a lot of money, especially around this region thanks to the long, cold winters and hot, humid summers.

    So if you truly want to save money on your window replacement project, avoid the common trappings of focusing on price first.

    Experience is something that matters when it comes to window replacement in Northbrook

    Next, you want to choose a professional who not only understands windows and can help you find the best windows for your home and budget, but one who has a long history of experience. It’s easy for a company today to make promises that it can’t keep. How often would you actually research those promises or even the testimonials that you see all over the Internet? Did you know that a common way to determine is a testimonial is fake is to notice whether it lists the client’s last name? Any testimonial that lists the first name and last initial should be suspect, as it could very well be made up.

    You should be able to find out whether testimonials and reviews are legitimate by contacting the company that you’re interested in using and asking for references.

    You could also rely on the Better Business Bureau to help you determine whether a company has a positive reputation. For example, did you know that All Star Products of Northbrook has a record of zero complaints through the Better Business Bureau in 22 years? That’s a record to be proud of.

    Your home deserves a company that has many years of experience installing a variety of windows. Not all of them are the same, just as not every home, or its construction, will be standard or uniform. You need someone who has the experience to be able to handle any situation, and to install windows in your home and make these new windows appear to be seamless, as though they were part of your home from the very beginning.

    If you want window replacement that does justice to your home, and you want to get the most value for your money, you don’t have to look any further than your own Northbrook neighbor in All Star Products. We have a solid reputation in the industry that dates back to 1987. You simply won’t find anyone better than All Star.