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  • If you’ve been thinking about window replacement for your Highland Park home, you might have a lot of questions. Window replacement is the kind of home improvement project that doesn’t get the same consideration as other projects, such as kitchen or bathroom renovations, or even outdoor patio work.

    However, while certain projects are known to help improve not only the comfort and appeal of your home, but also its value, this is not thought about when it comes to window replacement.

    The truth is that new windows can actually increase the value of your home by quite a significant amount, depending on the type of windows you choose, their energy efficiency, and other options that could make all the difference in the world to potential homebuyers.

    But you’re not thinking about selling your home, so you’re not too concerned about the value that new windows could add to your home, at least not right now. What you’re concerned about is trying to navigate all of the options that are available to you right now.

    In other words, you are hoping for a solid place that you can start on your journey to window replacement.

    Let’s start at the beginning …

    In the beginning, there was light …

    Okay, let’s talk about light and windows. Your home’s windows are the gateways to the outside world. They allow you to enjoy the glow of the sunlight in your home while being able to let in fresh air during the nice, warm days, as well as keep out the cold during those winter nights.

    Windows can serve a wide range of functions for your home, but if you keep them covered up because they don’t look great, or they are too small for the room, or too big for your preference, then you’re not going to be enjoying your home as much as you could, or you should.

    The first and foremost job for windows is to allow you to remain connected to the outside world. If you have a nice yard or decent view, then you certainly want windows that provide a good view of that outside area. Windows that are cloudy or dirty won’t invite you to throw open the window dressing and enjoy that outside world.

    This is the first place where you should start when you begin to consider window replacement. Sit down and determine what you would like out of your new windows. Do you want windows that will let in a lot of sunlight? If so, you might not want to deal with the heat that comes in on those UV rays, or the damage that it can cause to your furniture, such as fading, drying, and cracking over time.

    If that sounds like something you’ve been thinking about, and worrying about, look into Low-E coated windows. This is a thin layer, or film, that is added to windows that will block the harmful UV rays of the sun during the summer, which will help keep your home cooler while protecting your belongings inside. It will also allow some of the warming rays to get into the home during the winter, so that you can still enjoy some of the benefits of the night, hot sunlight.

    Next, think about whether you’re going to be opening your windows during the warmer days in the spring and fall. If so, then you want to make sure that they open easily. You can also look into the benefits of cleaning windows from the inside. Today’s double hung windows, for example, allow you to open them from the inside so that you can clean the outside. You won’t need to run around with the ladder trying to reach all of those windows once a month just to clean them.

    If you want a casement window, though, you’re going to have to clean them from the outside, and you’ll need to consider the handle that is used to open those windows, though they can be ideal for certain rooms and in certain situations. One example is over the kitchen sink. This allows you to open the window with relative ease without having to strain over the sink to lift a double hung window.

    Choosing the best windows for your home.

    Once you’re ready to choose the best windows for your home, you might be wondering where you can go to get them. There are going to be many choices when it comes to window replacement for your Highland Park home. You can go online and find dozens of companies that all promise you the best windows, service, and installation. You could also go to one of the major home improvement mega stores and find a selection of windows that might seem too good to be true. They are. (Those windows are not the best quality, won’t help you save money on energy bills, and won’t last nearly as long as better brands).

    When you want the best window replacement company in the area, with a lot of experience (how about dating back to 1987), and one that has one of the best reputations for quality and service, then you’re looking for All Star Products.

    If you want one simple measure of the success that this company has had through the years, look to their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. It’s A+, but that’s not all. In 22 years being listed by the BBB, All Star Products has had zero (that’s a 0 followed by nothing) complaints filed against it. You simply don’t get any better than that.

    Just take a look at some of the testimonials that are listed on the site and you’ll begin to realize that when it comes to window replacement in Highland Park, you’re not going to find a more experienced, or more professional company around.

    Another benefit to choosing All Star Products for window replacement is that they carry several brands of windows, not just one like most other companies.

    If you want to know where to start with your window replacement project, start with the all stars.