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  • Are you planning to replace the windows in your Deerfield home? Are you wondering what you need to consider in order to make the right decision for your home? Are you worried about making a bad decision?

    Window replacement is an important investment and it can actually have a direct impact on the overall value of your home. It’s not something that you should enter into with a begrudging attitude. In other words, you might have noticed that your windows are in less than ideal condition and you realize that it’s time to replace them, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on them. After all, there’s nothing inherently wrong with your current windows, right?

    Wrong. They could very well be costing you a lot of money when it comes to heating your home. Did you know that the vast majority of heat during the winter is lost through windows and doors? These are the two parts of your home that are most exposed to the elements and for every draft that you have coming through your windows, the colder it gets, the more it is going to cost you to heat your home.

    The same holds true during the summer. If you tend to run your air conditioning system a lot on the hot dog days of summer during July and August, you could be spending a lot more on your utility bills than you should, all because of the condition of your windows.

    Don’t judge your current windows based on looks alone.

    For a lot of Deerfield homeowners, when it comes to considering replacement windows, they look at the physical condition of their windows and when they begin to shop around and get prices on new windows, they have a tendency to balk at replacing them. They begin to justify avoiding this expense by saying, “They’re really not that bad.”

    Your windows might be old, they might be made of wood, and they might have been painted over a dozen times through the years. If so, you might be thinking that you should just paint over them once more, cover up the dust build up and other eyesores that cause you to keep the curtains closed.

    However, there are many components to your windows that you should consider. One is the working condition of those windows. If you have double hung windows, for example, do they open easily? Or have them been painted so many times or neglected for so long that they are a struggled to get open? If they are difficult to open, then during the nice, spring and summer weather you might just keep them closed because it’s simply easier to do so.

    What about cleaning them? If you have to pull out the extension ladder, try to balance it on uneven ground, and then feel your heart pounding in your chest with each step up the ladder (and each shift of it along the house, making you wonder if you’re going to go down with it), then how often will you actually clean the outside of those windows? The answer to that is generally very rarely. And this will add to the problems that you face with your current, old, dirty, outdated windows.

    Then, of course, you need to consider the condition of the glass. If your windows are twenty years old or more, they won’t compare to the energy savings that you could get from today’s modern windows. You simply won’t find the same technology in older windows that you will find in today’s windows.

    The most significant improvement is the insulating factors of the gas that is used, such as argon or krypton. The more panes, or glazing, that you have in your window, such as double (two panes), the more insulation you’ll get. The more insulation you get with your windows, the more money you’ll save on your heating and cooling bills, and that can equal a lot of money saved through the years for your Deerfield home.

    Depending on how warm you enjoy keeping your home during the winter, and how cold it gets, you could actually be throwing away a hundred dollars or more every single month right now because of your old, outdated, and inefficient windows. That can add up quickly, and it can be the difference between having some extra cash in your pocket with which to enjoy spring, or having to work overtime for a few months straight, if that’s even still available to you.

    Financing your new windows.

    What it comes down to for replacement windows for your Deerfield home is making the right decision about which windows you should choose, and understanding that this is an investment.

    When you consider it an investment, then you might need to think about financing. There are usually plenty of options from which you can choose to finance your window replacement project. If you have equity in your home, then you could potentially take out a home equity line of credit or loan to pay for replacement windows. You could also find the right company or brand of windows that will offer low interest financing.

    Your could also replace the windows in your home a few at a time, though that could end up costing you more over the long run, because the expense associated with installation.

    What about installing them yourself?

    You may be handy with tools, and you might have even done some other home improvement projects. Does that mean you should consider installing your new windows yourself?

    You could, but the warranty on the new windows could end up be voided if you did. If you’re going to make the investment in window replacement for your home, it’s a good idea to hire a professional with many years of experience to install them as well.

    If you want a company with a solid reputation and years of great rapport with previous clients, contact All Star Products today. Your Deerfield home deserves the best when it comes to window replacement.