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  • Windows Replacement is a Bright Idea

    November 28, 2014 | Blog
  • Custom windows for your home is an idea you may have been toying with for a while. Your old windows are just not giving the exterior of your home the boost they should, and you would really like to go with some of the more contemporary styles. If the expense of home windows replacement in Northbrook is holding you back, you should know that this is a home improvement that will bring you a great rate of return. With the high cost of replacing all of the windows in your home, you may wonder how much of a return you will be able to see. Consumers have reported up to a 40% savings on their yearly energy bills after doing home windows replacement in Northbrook. The new energy efficient replacement windows are much better than older windows and will make a noticeable difference. In addition, the government is offering a tax rebate on energy efficient home improvements that qualify. Modern replacement windows fall in to this category and have energy ratings right on them that will help you determine which ones are eligible.

    Energy efficiency does not mean that you will sacrifice the beauty of custom windows. In fact, you will find a large selection of new types, styles and colors of windows at your local home improvement center's showroom. Our in-home design consultant can help you find the replacement windows that are right for you. He will be able to answer all of your questions about the available windows, including information on manufacturers' warranties. Your design consultant will also help you see the issues with your current windows, such as draftiness or damage, and can measure them accurately so you will know exactly what you will need for home windows replacement in Northbrook. The coolest part is your design consultant is also the owner of the company!

    In addition to the great selection, you will want to compare prices between vendors of home windows replacement in Northbrook. As you get estimates, be sure that they include everything that is charged for on their bids. You don't want to choose a low bid and then be surprised when additional charges are included on the final bill after the work is completed. The actual cost of the windows, the labor charges for installing them, and the charges for removal of the old windows should all be part of the estimate. With equal items listed on each bid, you will be able to make a good choice between the costs.

    The experience of the company doing home windows replacement in Northbrook is paramount. You don't want to have an installer putting a certain type of window in for the first time in your house. Experience means that you can trust the company to do a good job for you. You want to be assured that they have done hundreds of installations and know exactly what they are doing. Choosing a company that offers a satisfaction guarantee will give you peace of mind. To recap, look for a company that has a great selection so that you are happy with your options. Be sure to compare costs, and choose a company that has the necessary experience with home windows replacement in Northbrook.

    All Star Products has been serving Northbrook and the surrounding area for decades! Your windows replacement will be a great way to make your home energy efficient. Call us today.