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  • Saving Money on Window Replacement

    November 28, 2014 | Blog
  • Saving Money on Window Replacement

    You've heard the old adage ‘You have to spend money to make money.' This may be true in many cases. However, with home improvement, you might try a new adage ‘You have to spend money to save money.' How might this work? Well, in the case of home windows replacement, it works because by spending the money necessary to replace the old windows in your home, you will see immediate savings on your yearly energy bills – upwards of 35%! Doing this home improvement this year gives you another cost savings in the form of a government tax rebate. Homeowners who make qualifying energy-efficient improvements to their homes can receive a nice chunk of money back in a tax rebate. The time to save money is now.

    How do you know that your old windows are costing you money and that it is time for home windows replacement? One of the easiest ways to make this determination is if you notice a draft near your windows when they are closed. If outside air can get in, then your heat can escape in the wintertime. This causes you to keep the thermostat higher and results in high energy bills. Another way to tell is if the panes of glass are thin and prone to breakage. If you have to replace your glass fairly often, you should look into the new, stronger glass that is available when doing home windows replacement. If you have the old wooden frames and sashes, you may have to paint or stain them yearly as part of your home maintenance routine. With the new vinyl windows, you never have to worry about peeling paint or other repairs.

    If you are now ready for home windows replacement or the surrounding area, you may want some help to understand all of the options you have. Our design consultants are available for a home visit at no cost to you. The design consultant can help to evaluate your existing windows and even show you where you are losing energy. They can also measure and figure out the different sizes of windows you will need so that you can get an accurate cost estimate. Your design consultant can also demonstrate the array of colors and styles that you can choose from. It is nice to know that you can get all of the energy efficiency you need in the beautiful windows you want when you do home windows replacement. You can choose styles that range from cutting-edge contemporary to traditional classics. Your style will be reflected in your beautiful windows.

    Cleaning can be a snap with the new ways that windows open. From the double hung windows where both panels can slide up and down to the three-piece windows where the top piece tilts inward, cleaning has never been so easy. Your design consultant is happy to help you understand the best choices of window style for each room in your house. Home windows replacement is a great way to save money and get the beauty and style you have been wanting.